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Natalie Tollenaere

Natalie Tollenaere

Transitions to Africa

Expat coach, Cross Cultural Trainer, Creative Solutions, Author of "The art of Possibilities: Creating our path in international mobile life"

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About Natalie Tollenaere

Natalie Tollenaere, a Belgian citizen, was born in Morocco. As an expatriate “accompanying spouse” and the mother of four children, she has lived in seven countries since 1987. Natalie is a bilingual (English and French) professional life coach (CPC) specialising in services for globally mobile families. As an artist and art therapist, she combines her creative life and life experience with her professional training. In essence, she practises “the art of coaching through art.” Since 1999, Natalie has specialised in addressing the needs of expatriates by offering workshops and conferences to accompanying spouses and third-culture kids (TCKs) – children who live neither in their parents’ birth culture nor in the culture of their host country. Her 25 years on the African continent (Morocco, Guinea –Bissau, Zambia, South Africa, Rwanda) gives her both a wide and thorough understanding of the African culture. She understands as much the cultural common ground of the continent as the specificity of each country. She has designed cross cultural trainings to helps expatriates to adjust to their Sub Saharan African host country. She has conducted workshops for the expatriate’s communities of Zambia, South Africa, Rwanda, Kenya and Burundi. She coaches individuals from around the world both face to face and on the phone. She presented her creative approach to personal expression and growth at the Family in Global Transition (FIGT) Conference in Houston in 2008.  Natalie writes for various expatriate organisations and is the author of “Creative X pat”, a newsletter for the globally mobile families that choose to live their assignment in an enriching way. She is the author of “The Art of possibilities: creating a path in international mobile life”; a book addressed to the international community giving tools to transform the challenges of the expat life into opportunities.


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