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Julie K. Bonnell, MA, LPC, LAC, ADC

Julie Bonnell, MA

Expat Coach for Healthy Eating

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I am an expat currently living in Atenas, Costa Rica.  This adventure has helped me bring a unique perspective to my work with expats and eating issues.  In working with clients living abroad, my experience informs me about the challenges and changes that occur when relocating to a new country.  Many folks have the dream of a new life . . they take the leap but then discover that their old eating habits have traveled with them to their new residence.  Or, many times their eating issues can worsen due to increased stress, feeling ungrounded or lonely, and missing the support and familiar comforts from home . . .often it is several of these factors that become interwoven.   Therefore, a holistic approach, and the understanding that eating issues can be very personal and diverse, is instrumental in my work with clients.An expat journey is meant to be exciting and energizing.  I help clients honor and harness the courage it takes to be an expat, so they can follow their best path forward to where they are able to develop a healthy relationship with food, and truly enjoy their new life.  In this process, clients can transform their eating plan from being an old adversary to a newfound friend!
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