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Angella Clarke-Jervoise

Career Coaching for Expats

The child and grandchild of adventurous expats, I've helped individuals for many years to find opportunities, all over the world. I've combined these experiences to specialise in helping expats or repats to uncover what it is they are here to do, wherever they are (or they are heading to).

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About Angella Clarke-Jervoise

Through 15 years working as an international recruiter and helping people to find jobs, I combine these skills with my own expat experiences gained through living and working abroad and with vastly different cultures, over many years.    My clients are individuals who are seeking meaningful work or to re-enter the work force.  Others require support during career transition, a period which  even seasoned expats say is a singularly challenging time.  I further assist those who are curious to know what it is that's 'missing' for them at work; what exactly they are here to do through their vocation - and where.


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