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The bigger you play in life, the greater the chances are that you will experience Everest-like peaks and avalanche-like lows in your life. On the flipside, if you play it safe your whole life, working in the same job, in the same town, the same situations, you will greatly reduce the possibility of significant life-spikes, both high and low. It is clear to me that people who make the choice to move to a foreign country, change employment mid-career, or make a big relationship change, embark on the potential journey of a lifetime, and should be prepared for many challenges, as well and many, many very rewarding experiences. Life transitions of any size can immensely impact human experience on this planet. I invite you to seek coaching to support you and your family with any life transition that you are embarking on. I ask you, would you climb Mt Everest without a guide or a Sherpa? - Chris Cale, PhD


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